Metlox art ware was produced during entire span of production of their consumer pottery production, from 1932 through the closing in 1989. The early art ware in the 1930's, the Carl Romanelli era and the purchase of the company by Evan K. Shaw in 1946 brought Disney and Warner Bros. figures. The Mel Allen-Bob Shaw Nostalgia Line and finally the art ware of the later years included the Cookie Jars, Poppets and other lines. Even some of their serving pieces which are quite unique can be collected for their visual pleasure as well as their utility.

We have collected pieces in many of the categories that were made. As a rule, we are now looking for items that are rare, and those that have been omitted from the published lists of the items that were produced. We enjoy finding something that has been unknown to us. Thanks to the internet we can expand our search beyond our local geographical area and the occasional trips to other areas.

Modern Masterpieces by Carl Romanelli and the Nostalgia line by Allen and Shaw are the two areas that hold our greatest interest. Each one has pieces of which we know about, or have heard of but have not seen. Every now and then we find something that we didn't know about. We are always looking for them and and would like to add them to our collection. You can visit these pages by clicking on Modern Masterpieces or Nostalgia Line. We hope you find them interesting.

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