The Metlox Nuts - Pottery - Artware - Modern Masterpieces by Carl Romanelli
Modern Masterpieces

Modern Masterpieces, the wonderful line of art ware that was created by Carl Romanelli for Metlox. His generation was eighth in a succession of an Italian family of sculptors whose skills were passed down from one generation to the next throughout the years. We only know of the Romanelli's from what Carl Gibbs wrote in his book but have heard that they are very famous in Italy and that there is a Romanelli Museum there. The line includes vases, flower holders, fish, animals, busts, birds, nudes and other figures of people. Some, such as the Angel Fish and Sword Fish are fairly common, while others like the Rearing Horse and the Seventeen inch Dog (silhouette looks like a Great Dane) that we have never seen. Two very rare pieces appeared on ebay just recently. They were the Woman leaning on a Vase and a Native Head Vase. A bid was placed on the Woman leaning on a Vase but alas, some one had deeper pockets than ours. (maybe next time?)

Thanks to Carl Gibbs Jr. in the 2001 edition of his Collector's Encyclopedia of Metlox Potteries a more complete and corrected list of the items in the Modern Masterpieces is available. Our want list will have all of the known items in the line and the items we need will be designated with a red ---WANT. Some of the items have new names so we will use the new names on the list and include the old name in parentheses. As before, our want list will include all of the pieces that have been identified, some that are identified but have not been matched with a number and the numbers that have not been assigned to a particular piece. Hopefully, this additional information will be of help to other collectors.