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Nostalgia Line

The Nostalgia Line consists of pottery items that are replicas of cars, carriages, sleighs and the people and objects that are associated with them from the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. There are also locomotives, a trolley car, a perambulator, powder horn, a watering trough and many more items. There is a magnificent line of horses that are sought after by horse collectors as well as the Metlox collectors. Thank heavens they don't shoot pottery horses with broken legs. It seems that most of the ones that are offered for sale have legs, ears, or tails that have been repaired. Even harder to come by are the two reindeer, Donner and Blitzen, that were made to go with Santa and his sleigh. It seems that many of them never survived the shipment to the original retailers without getting their antlers broken.

The pictures at the top of this page are the No. 659 Fire Wagon, the No. 020-640 Doctor's Buggy with a fabric top carrying the Doctor and his bag, and the No. 612 Cadillac. They are the only ones that we had seen at the time of this writing and we rarely ever see them. We consider ourselves fortunate to have them. There are other rare items in our possession that will be pictured in our Photo Gallery as time permits.


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