Our want list will consist of two parts. The first part is the information we would like to have about certain patterns. Unfortunately, companies in the thirties and forties did not have the need nor the means to keep and save accurate records like that of their modern counterparts. Consequently there are missing records that we would like to have to help us learn more about Metlox. The second part is the list of patterns of which we would like to get a representative piece. (preferably a dinner plate)


Note: Metlox used two different numbering systems over the years for their dinner ware. For example, the California Provincial pattern was pattern No. 19 and the number for a plate was 06. Thus, the plate had an identification as No. 1906. In the 1960s they had the need to change their numbering system to accommodate more patterns and pieces than the two digit system would allow. The new system was comprised of two, three-digit numbers. A 1968 brochure that we have, lists the above plate as 190-060.

  • 1932 California Pottery (or 100 Series) - Brochure or list of pieces that were made.

  • Pattern Nos. P-090, P-130 and P-200 There is no record of these patterns being used or issued. P-130 was issued to the Mayan Necklace pattern in 1964 but we still don't know if it was used earlier.

  • Patterns Royal Oak No. P-100, Autumn Bloom and Delphinium which are both No. P-110 and Camelia No. P-150. We would like brochures or at least a list of the pieces that were made.

  • 1956 P-280 Countryside. - This short lived pattern was made for Sears. We have been looking for a Sears catalog that might have a listing of the pattern. So far we haven't found any in the years 1954 through 1957.

  • C.1956- Skinny Rooster. Did that name get your attention? Actually it was a very plain pattern decorated with the rooster that occupies the upper right hand corner of our home page. Pictured at the top of this page is the creamer and sugar. We think that the handle on the sugar bowl cover is quite unique. The Metlox mark is the circular type that was used in the forties, fifties and sixties before they started adding the name to the marks. We are guessing that it is pattern No. P-410 Premium Rooster which is listed as one the discontinued patterns 1941-1976 in Lehner's U.S. Marks on Pottery, Porcelain or Clay. Thanks to a visitor to our web site, we have learned that this pattern was offered as a premium to customers of A&P grocery stores in California during the 1950s. Another visitor noticed that some of the pieces in the pattern used the mark - Made in California. We were not aware of the use of that mark by Metlox at that time.


    We currently have 167 patterns in our collection and would like to add more. We have created a list of those that we would like to add to our collection. In the case of patterns such as Lotus, Color Bands and Colorstax that are essentially the same except for colors, all of those pattern numbers are not listed. If at all possible, we only want one piece of each of the patterns..