Pattern Pictures

These pages were created to help viewers to identify Metlox dinner ware patterns. It consists of six pages of thumbnail pictures that, if clicked on, will provide a larger picture plus the pattern name, pattern number and the date the pattern was first issued by Metlox. These pages contain most of the patterns that Metlox made in the California Pottery, Poppy Trail, Poppytrail and Metlox categories. Most of the patterns are well known among collectors, some are seldom seen, and others which we do not have complete information. (The 1980s page includes the patterns that do not have complete information.) We are still looking for several patterns that we have never seen. They will be added to this page if and when we ever acquire them. We purposely did not include all of the pattern colors in Colorstax, Colorbands, and Lotus which were made in many colors with each color having a pattern number. Only a few of the colors are included and we don't intend to add any more to our collection.

Nearly all of the information about these patterns is from COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF METLOX POTTERIES by Carl Gibbs Jr. Other patterns were identified with information from LEHNER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA of U.S. MARKS on POTTERY, PORCELAIN and CLAY by Lois Lehner, other collectors and viewers of our web page.

There are many different pictures in this program. In order to minimize download time for dial up users we have divided the thumbnails into six different pages in chronological order by decades. They can be reached through the menu below and once there, can be navigated through the decades or you can return to this page.

NOTE: These pages do not include any of the dinner ware patterns that were produced by Metlox with the Vernon Ware label.


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